New Remote Proctoring Option for ACTEX VEE Course Exams

The ACTEX Learning team is excited to announce that we now offer students the option to use a remote proctoring service, ProctorU, for their VEE Course Exams. Our eLearning Lead, Alan Elman, has been working hard to roll out the ProctorU initiative and believes our students will reap the benefits. “Many of our international students don’t want to approach an FSA in their office or community to ‘bother them’ with a proctoring request. It’s important to be able to offer a flexible and inexpensive alternative to the classic model. At ACTEX, we listen to our customers and have found this new method of online monitoring meets a need.” Elman continued, “At ACTEX Learning, we want to make your eLearning experience as seamless as possible and we are happy to be able to respond to student requests by offering this convenient new service.”

ACTEX VEE Courses all have a final graded component of a proctored final exam. Prior to engaging ProctorU, students had to find and schedule time with a designated actuary to “live-proctor” their exam, which for some students proved difficult due to location, timing, and other logistics. Students still have the option of engaging an in-person proctor, but the remote proctoring is designed to expand student choice and give you more control over when and where you take the exam. ProctorU affords students the comfort of taking the exam in their own home or office!

Quick FAQs about ProctorU & VEE Remote Proctoring

  • The base fee for using ProctorU is $28, and is payable directly to ProctorU. ACTEX does not profit from fees paid to this service!
  • Students using ProctorU must schedule their exam 72-hours in advance, or pay an additional “Take it now” fee.
  • Students electing to take the exam using paper & pencil rather than CBT (Compute-Based Testing) will still need to find an in-person designated actuary proctor, or use a testing center that will proctor paper & pencil exams, for which students are responsible for any related fees.

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ACTEX offers SOA & CAS approved online courses for VEE (Validation by Educational Experience) credit in Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Corporate Finance, Regression Analysis, Time Series, and Applied Statistics. 

Learn more about ACTEX Online Courses for Validation by Educational Experience (VEE) Credit

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