SOA Exam MFE Syllabus Changes

Beginning with the July 2017 sitting of SOA Exam MFE (Models for Financial Economics) there are significant changes in the MFE syllabus (learning objectives and recommended readings). According to the SOA, all derivatives material will be moved from Exam FM to Exam MFE, and some of the more mathematically sophisticated topics will be removed from MFE, in particularly those related to stochastic calculus. The SOA has decided that it is more appropriate for those topics to be covered in fellowship exams as needed for each track.

*Please Note: The last sitting of Exam MFE will be in March 2018. Beginning in July 2018, MFE will be replaced by new Exam IFM (Investment and Financial Markets) as part of the ASA Curriculum changes

Transition Rules: The transition will be one-for-one. Candidates with credit for Exam FM by April 30, 2017 will continue to have such credit. Candidates with credit for Exam MFE by March 31, 2017 will continue to have such credit. It is possible that some candidates will be tested on the basic derivatives material twice while others will not be tested at all.

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SOA Exam MFE, Models for Financial Economics, CBT Dates 2017 

Exam Dates with New Syllabus in Red

2017 March July Nov.
Registration Deadline Feb. 7 May 31 Oct. 10
Paper & Pencil dates (selected sites) March 10 July 6 Nov. 16
CBT Dates March 10 - 16 July 6 - 12 Nov. 16 - 22
CBT in Quebec City March 17 None None